Saturday, January 7, 2012


Before I scare anyone, I reset my weight loss tracker earlier this week- I didn't gain back everything. Just half. Yeah, JUST half. I'm definitely taking advantage of the "clean slate" mentality! When people ask how much I've lost, it's embarrassing to say it WAS 50, but half made it's way back. So I reset the tracker.

This week, I lost 2 lbs and I'm happy with that. Especially since very little exercise was involved. Exercise is my next habit to work on this coming week. I know I'll enjoy it once I get back to it, but those first few workouts just suck. I don't want to do it yet, I keep making excuses, I don't have the energy.. blah, blah, blah. I DO feel better after eating right, but exercise that was easy before sucks again. Epic fail, self.Time to put my big girl panties on and just do it.. Last week, I worked on my night time snacking habit I fell back into. I didn't cut it out, just made sure it was healthier snacks (fruit, popcorn). One thing at a time.. goodbye all-or-nothing!

Staying within my points has been strangely easy so far. The only time I'm tempted is at night, and I haven't struggled with choosing the healthier options. I am allowing myself a little chocolate, but not going overboard. It helps that we think chocolate may be one of the things triggering my migraines! If I have too much, I pay for it big time. Mr. D and I try to include a lot of the "heart-healthy" foods though (heart disease is rampant in both sides of my family and his cholesterol was a little high in June), and dark chocolate is on the list. One square of dark chocolate a day doesn't cause me any pain, satisfies my sweet tooth, and is within my points. WINNING!

Everything else is progressing nicely so far.. I'm following all my FlyLady routines, still getting to bed later than I'd like but it's gotten better, and had an awesome day doing whatever the kid wanted :)

For those that don't know who FlyLady is, here you go. I finished up my launch pad today and added my beginner control journal underneath our house rules. The crazy colored frame is our weekly menu.

I keep mine and the kid's routines in sheet protectors hanging on the fridge for easy access, and it's helped both of us tremendously! Since we both have ADD (poor Mr. D), routines are kind of a biggie. Kid has kept his room clean- by MY standards- for over a week. Mornings, school afternoons, and evenings have gone so much smoother and the house is so much more peaceful.. It's definitely helped my stress level, and it seems to have done the same for the guys too.

We also tried a few new recipes this week, and while one was a complete bust, the other was fantastic so I'm sharing! We made Saucy Mexican Chicken, here's the recipe. Mr. D normally won't touch beans of any kind (what a weirdo), but even he said this was tasty. It was quick, easy, and kinda looked like dog food. But it was awesome, I promise!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Yay lady!! Are you on MyFitnessPal alot?? What's your screen name?

  2. I use it mostly for tracking my weight because I track points, but I'm on there! cdurrell85 :)

  3. Hey there..I'm in the same boat as your right now as far as exercise goes. I just focused on the food and staying in my points. Not to hard and I did it. Like you I'm gonna put my big girl panties on too and start my "once easy" exercise this week too. Keep up the great work..I'll be watching... lol

  4. Yikes, just read my post. I think I was thinking ahead of my typing...My ADD must of kicked in while I was typing. I just had so much to say. Sorry about scramble, hope you understoon what I was trying to say..LOL

  5. Clean slates are sometimes exactly what we need. I know 2012 will reinvigorate you. GO FOR IT ALL!!!! (Love the organized look there.)