Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whoops, Mid-week Menu, and Christmas!

First, I didn't weigh this weekend because I'm still fighting TMI issues. I've felt yucky for most of January, but finally got some relief yesterday. Hopped on the scale this morning, and I'm a little over 1 lb down. I've talked about adding a supplement for a while, but just hate taking pills if it's not necessary. Since extra fiber and tons of water aren't doing it, I'm asking for suggestions!! What helps you??

On another yucky note, I finally got around to exercising this week.. sorta. Mr. D and I did a lot of walking around Saturday, and it hurt to put any weight on the heel of my right foot by that evening. I've had pain there before on and off, but dude. First, I thought it was just from walking around- but it was just one foot? Odd. It's been sore in that same spot since, though nowhere near as bad. Enter me trying to exercise.. apparently, the treadmill hates my foot. As did the elliptical. Pain just 5 minutes in (not the work through it kind!). Today, I learned all about plantar fasciitis. F me. I'm planning to get new shoes (my faves are all flats, which is a no-no), including new sneakers. And then the stretches. Fun times with Jillian in my future.. not facing the treadmill again until I have the new shoes!

And for the weekly menu (yes, I know it's half over, LOL)

Sunday: Bruschetta Stuffed Chicken with salad
Monday: Lasagna with salad
Tuesday: Pecan-Crusted Chicken with broccoli
Wednesday: Cola Chicken over rice with carrots
Thursday: Hamburger Noodle Casserole with peas
Friday: Steak with Blue Cheese Crust and salad

Breakfasts are boring at our house during the week (Greek yogurt, fruit, eggs, oatmeal) and lunches are leftovers, salads, or wraps with fruits and veggies. Dinner is where we try to add variety.. we try not to repeat meals during the month (any repeats you see are usually due to changes we made last minute), which is easy when we try so many new recipes. It keeps me from getting bored with my diet, for sure! So you can imagine how excited I was when my 5 new cookbooks were delivered Monday!!! Like a kid on Christmas, dude!! Can't wait to share some of the new recipes we'll be trying! ;)


  1. Plantar Fasciatis is a b*tch. I have it in my left heel. I got fitted for awesome sneakers and I wear them 99% of the time. Also, after exercise, I "roll" my heel, meaning, putting a ball or a can on the floor, I roll my heel over it - it hurts, but then it feels better and will enable you to walk on it later.
    I had cortizone shots that helped briefly. They get rid of it for some people, and some, they don't work.
    So, I feel your pain (no pun intended) but you can work with it. Don't let it keep you down! :-)

  2. Maybe that is what my husband has? He has pain in his heel, mostly after work. (he stands all day at UPS) It's just in one heel though. Anyway hope you feel better soon and good luck with Jillian :)

  3. Hun I wish I could help you out more in that area. Miralax seems to be the only thing working for me currently, I take daily with my coffee. I have tried everything else on the sun with nothing working so you could try the Miralax, I use the off brand of either Walgreens, CVS or Walmart.