Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Happy Hump Day!! At least for me, not the kid- he's out for Good Friday. Oh yeah, his life is ROUGH! ;)

 Thought I'd try a picture post today. But, you know. #ADDproblems. I remembered most, though..

 My morning started with coffee made with raw sugar and half & half. I think I'm in love with the Gevalia Kcups. I don't know why our store didn't carry them until recently, because yum!!

On the way to work, I had a green smoothie made with spinach, banana, tropical frozen fruit mix, flax seed, and a little honey.

 Lunch was half a b/s chicken breast, mashed potatoes, and spinach- minus the spinach. Tossed it and had a salad a little while later (and forgot to take a picture). Does anyone have a clean salad dressing they love? I've tried making ranch and one with olive oil, and both were pretty gag worthy. I'm still using up some light Italian, but need a clean one to replace it soon.

 We got a chance to take the kids on a short walk before dinner. It's still cold here in Memphis, so we took advantage of the 60ish degree weather and sun!

I had a small piece of Dubliner's cheese while making dinner (those Costco sample people got me on this one- it's REALLY good cheese). I had taken fruit to work to snack on, but my boss-friend is in the hospital right now with complications from the chemo. Which means I have enough time to THINK about my fruit, but that's about it! I was starving by dinner.

 Dinner was Baked Ziti and cabbage. Chris was not a huge fan of the cabbage, but he thinks it's because I used too much pepper. I love how easily that kid will try things now. Been a long road! Ryan wasn't a fan of any of it, honestly. He's my picky eater now I suppose..

 If anyone reading this could spare a few happy thoughts or prayers for my friend, it would be greatly appreciated.. She had her first chemo treatment last Tuesday after only 3 weeks between that and the 2 surgeries she had (one for a cyst, a second for everything else once it came back cancerous). It was all too fast and she wasn't able to heal properly, thus the hospitalization. She's an amazing, strong lady and I'm so inspired by how positive she's been through everything. It still isn't easy being away from her family and home, though. She's getting amazing care at least! Being the billing manager of one of the largest medical groups in our area has it's perks!

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