Sunday, March 17, 2013

Goodbye weekend!

Two big changes this weekend to help us keep moving in the right direction with our clean eating.

You've seen the juicer (we bought the Omega VRT330 for anyone that's interested- the masticating ones waste a lot less produce AND the juice is good longer). We let Thing 1 use it this morning to make fresh orange juice to go with the spinach and mushroom omelets.. And this made it totally worth the money. He HATES juice that isn't koolaid (which I haven't bought in years), especially orange juice. I'm not sure if it was because he made it himself, but he loved it and wants to make something else with it later today. He's even making up his own recipes :)) I'll definitely be sharing anything we make that comes out good! We bought everything to try a few of the detox juices before we do the 3 day thing next weekend. We aren't doing it to lose weight, but to rid our bodies of all the built up toxins, but losing 5+ lbs would be sweet ;)

We also finally signed up for a Costco membership. I have NO idea how we've lived without this for so long! Since we're eating less things but more of them (more veggies/fruits/nuts and less boxed junk) a bulk store membership made sense. Ryan's coworker mentioned that his wife has to eat mostly organic due to a food allergy and that Costco carries a ton or organic options.. So we checked it out this weekend. LOVE.

Now, you're probably wondering why I haven't discussed numbers since blogging again. Short answer: they are no longer my main focus. I'm not weighing every day, I'm not counting calories or points, but eating the right foods the last 2-3 weeks has taken 4-5 lbs off without any effort (and by effort, I mean exercise.. STILL trying to make time for that). I mentioned the information overload I got when researching diet related stuff for my friend with cancer. I feel like a moron for not knowing half the stuff I learned- like the hormones in milk, GMOs, etc. Either way, I've never been more committed to change than I am now. I don't want my kids growing up with food-like products and chemicals..

Netflix has a documentary called "Hungry for Change," and a series "Ted Talks: Chew on This" for anyone interested! Really good info!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. I could not live without my costco membership!

  2. I've been wanting a juicer but don't think I have any more room in my kitchen for another gadget! Sounds cool though. I've never been to Costco. We have Sam's Club around here. We spent a lot of money there last week! I like your attitude with the scale... I've been thinking about dropping the scale for a while now...

    1. Alissa- the one we bought doesn't take up much counter space at all, maybe the size of a blender. We went with the smaller version for that same reason- I hate cluttered counters! ;) With the scale.. I figure we've got enough to focus on with all the food changes we're making without adding the stress of the scale. I definitely check to see where I'm at every now and then and it's moving in the right direction, but weight isn't the focus anymore. Eating healthy foods is :) it's a LOT less stress for sure!