Friday, March 8, 2013

Meet Thing 2.

I guess I should start with an update.. Been a while!

Last time I posted, we had just found out we were expecting. After that, life was CHAOS. And still is most of the time! I'll try to sum up the last year without putting anyone to sleep..

1) The pregnancy. Dear God, the pregnancy. I knew that doing this with all the baby weight from Thing 1 still around (you know, the 9-year-old..) plus some was going to make it harder. I underestimated how much harder. We had to deal with high blood pressure, sciatica, etc. At first, we weren't too concerned with the blood pressure because we were blaming it on house hunting/buying (!!!!). We needed more space, and moved the first week of July when I was around 27 weeks.

To make it extra fun, I did it with a few broken toes and a gash from a nail. I fell through some rotted wood on our apartment staircase. Because I love a challenge, apparently..

I had to stop working over a month before my due date and was on and off of bed rest for spotting and the blood pressure. It was a frustrating pregnancy to say the least.

2) My little pisser! Reagan Elizabeth was born 10/4 at 4:52 after about 7.5 hours of labor and 3 pushes. She was 9lbs, 2oz and 20 inches long, and beautiful of course! Chris ADORES her, much more than we expected from a boy his age. He reads to her, plays with her, gets VERY upset if we let her fuss even a moment. She's a very easy going baby in a lot of ways. I can count on one hand the number of times she's CRIED, and most of those have been shot related.

10/4/2012- 9 lbs, 2 oz, 20 inches
3) Life with Thing 1 and Thing 2. We're finally settling into a routine now that Mr. D changed jobs- goodbye, retail hours!! He's home every night for dinner and every weekend now. Before the new job, week nights were chaos. Getting home at 5:30 and trying to make dinner, do homework, feed Reagan, get both kids bathed and in bed on time.. Oy! Even with 2 sets of hands now, we still don't have time to breathe until everyone is in bed, but it's worth it.

We've been making a LOT of changes recently, but more on that later!

Reagan, 5 months


  1. Awwww cute. She is precious. You can see how proud big brother is. :) I'd like to hear more about the high bp. I have high bp and am trying to get it regulated on meds safe for pregnancy BEFORE getting pregnant.

  2. My OB didn't make a big deal out of my hbp at first aside from telling me to watch what I eat (sodium and water), which I already had to do because I had gestational diabetes with my first. Once it was consistently high, she tried modified bed rest, cutting hours at work, and they had me do the 24 hour test for preeclampsia every few weeks. My OB didn't want to put me on meds unless there was no other choice. Once I hit September, I was taken off work completely and told to have my bag ready because if it got too high, she would have to induce. Which apparently is risky, too, because your no definitely goes up during labor. I think the highest mine got was right after labor. Send me an email if you want to talk about it more! cdurrell85 at live dot com. :))

  3. She is beautiful! Congratulations! So happy to see you back!