Sunday, March 24, 2013

Prepping for a smooth week.

Another weekend coming to a close.

What did we get accomplished this weekend? Honestly, it feels like nothing but we sure were busy! Yesterday was spent running errands.. Grocery store (twice now that I have my fancy Costco card!), haircut, Babies R Us because they're the only store with a decent organic baby food section, picked up the new steam mop to replace our swiffer (read that it's been linked to kidney failure in pets and babies since they crawl around on the floor), and hunted down my new mason jars.

Today was spent cleaning the house, doing laundry, and preparing food. Cooking just takes a little longer now some nights since switching to real foods. Our simple pizza night for example.. We make the sauce and dough from scratch now, grate fresh cheese. It's just more time consuming. So we do a lot of prep on the weekends to make sure we don't end up ordering pizza instead ;) I have 3 kinds of clean muffins for quick breakfasts, pizza sauce, pizza dough, crockpot fajitas, and a lot of fruits and veggies already diced up in the fridge.

We're also trying these mason jar salads I keep seeing on Pinterest! No excuse not to take a healthy lunch to work :)

Side note.. TOM showed up Friday. Normally, this would just RUIN my weekend because they've always been bad. Like Xanax, 2-4 lb gains, migraines kind of bad. But.. No cramps, no headaches, no rage, and no weight gain whatsoever. Lost a pound, actually. Whole new reason to stick with real food!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend! Walking Dead tonight- woohoo!!

Oh, and someone has her first tooth! She's growing so fast :(

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