Tuesday, May 7, 2013

And done!

Day 7 of the photo challenge started with- surprise- coffee and eggs! Technically, a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. I refuse to cook bacon because it's so messy, but Chris talked Ryan into making them this morning. Those two think bacon should have it's own food group. They're going to LOVE me when it's back to turkey bacon once this package is finished off.. 

Lunch was leftover chicken noodle soup and ritz crackers. Everyone in our house is dealing with allergies and sore throats on and off lately thanks to the bipolar weather in Memphis. I was really glad I decided to make it for dinner last night!

I haven't been snacking during the day at work lately, but I was starving today!! I wanted something sweet specifically.. So the office skinny girl and I split an apple with peanut butter. 

Dinner was sausage and lentil stew made with apple chicken sausage, carrots, onions, garlic, lentils, and ff chicken broth. Ryan didn't care for it, but the kid and I really liked it! 

The husband went and got ice cream after dinner.. And I had a few bites of one (I logged it as half just to be safe). Weak moment, sore throat, and possibly some pms going on. Even with logging it as half, I was only 45 calories over my limit. 

I'm not feeling too great today.. Exhausted, sore throat, dizzy. Hopefully an early bedtime at our house! 

On a more positive note.. Reagan is getting around! I can't turn my back for a minute or she's scooting (more of a military crawl) all over the place. She got under the side table this morning while Ryan made her cereal! 


  1. Allergies are the worst!!! That chicken sausage and lentil stew looks so good! I love lentils but hardly ever really know what to do with them. How did you make that stew?

    1. http://www.johnsonville.com/recipe/rustic-lentil-stew-with-johnsonville-apple-chicken-sausage.html

      I double the carrots and onions in mine!