Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy birthday!

Today is my husband's birthday!! Not an excuse to eat cake, which was easily avoidable since he doesn't have much of a sweet tooth and was much happier with what was offered as a replacement! ;)

Breakfast was coffee (real sugar and half and half) with an omelet made of 2 eggs, red peppers, onions, and the last of that stupid salami.

Lunch was a salad (croutons and ff Italian dressing) and some fettuccine alfredo. Only a few bites were taken of the alfredo because it just wasn't worth it..

Starving by mid afternoon, but I was training new girl all day and that kept me from any snacking. For Ryan's birthday, we had sushi for the first time since finding out Reagan was on the way, AND we were able to go with NO kids, thanks to my mother! We shared 2 batman rolls and a spicy crawfish roll. Couldn't find the batman roll in MFP so used the closest thing.

And that was it! We fell asleep as soon as we got the kids into bed and are just now moving from the couch to bed. Sleep is hard to come by around here lately, and sometimes we end up crashing.. Tonight was one of those nights. It's something we're trying to fix..

Hope everyone had a good day!


  1. Hello,

    I came over from Allan's blog to say way to go for doing the food photo project. And happy belated birthday to your husband. I love sushi (those batman rolls look awesome).

    Have a great day!

  2. What was the replacement for birthday cake that your husband was so happy with? Just askin'.....

  3. Kelley wants to know, and calories count...

    1. For shame! ;)

      I'm exhausted and may have pulled a muscle.. Let's leave it at that!

  4. Shall I offer you some helpful hints??? ;-) No pain, no strain :-)