Sunday, May 26, 2013

May Update

Sorry for the absence.. I said in my last post that I hoped the next one would be more upbeat, so I waited until I had better things to post about. 

Thank you to those who commented or emailed about the negative talk.. It definitely helped me feel less like I was making a big deal out of nothing. And it prompted a serious talk (without any yelling or arguing, thankfully) about how husband's temper was getting out of hand. He didn't realize how awful he sounded all the time until I recorded it, and I'm happy to say my normal husband has returned since then. The one that takes kid and his friends to the park for wiffleball even when he's exhausted, and sends me to take a bubble bath while he finishes the dishes just because. Knowing that he's normally such a sweet and thoughtful man made the Mr. Hyde even less tolerable I think. 

I'm still struggling on the diet front.. Having really good days undone by a few bad days. No gaining, but no losing. Stagnant. We've had cookouts the last 2 weekends, and even with all the snacky things brought, I'm too busy to overeat. Works out well for everyone :) 

Exercise.. Ugh. This remains the hardest part for me. I've been taking the kids for walks when the weather allows (Memphis has had tons of rain), but I pay for it. My husband said it sounds like plantar fasciitis, and I agree after Googling. I have a physical this summer and will talk to the doctor if the stretches don't help.. And goodbye flip flops :( 

And, as usual, the cuteness..

Chris and my nephew at war

First time in her pool

Both with their "blankie" and the noisiest toys they could find. As long as I get to drink my coffee while it's still hot! 

At the park!


  1. On the exercise front - can you cycle or swim?
    I just broke my YogaToes contraption which is a toe-spreading device that helps MY flat feet a lot...
    I also got on YouTube & looked up all the foot-strengthening exercises I could find: most of them consists of "scrunching" your toes followed by stretching.
    Good luck - nothing is as miserable as foot pain.

  2. I really hope you don't take this the wrong way, but...I want to bite those cheeks of hers!!!! Oh, I love pudgy baby cheeks! They're irresistible.

    As for the weight, it'll come off. Just NEVER QUIT. Always keep trying. If you have a "bad diet day," do some cutbacks the next and make yourself super aware of every time you reach for a meal/snack/food. You'll be fine as long as you keep going. We all, even the best fitness buffs, have those times when things just aren't as great as they seemingly could be. Ya know?

    Have you tried the Leslie Sansone DVDs for exercise yet? I use 'em. It's my go-to, no excuses (not even with a little one in the room with me) workout. You can do them in the rain, you can do them on a plane, you can do them with a child, you can do them hard or mild...see? They're awesome! Target carries them for about $10. I recommend you buy the ones with the most miles so you can pick and choose how many you're going to do to mix it up. Good luck!

    1. None taken!! My BFF hid yogurt melts in her leg rolls this weekend.. LOL!! Pudgy babies are the best :))

      Haven't tried those DVD's, but I do have Zumba on the kinect. Will definitely check them out! My biggest obstacle is my idiot brain and all the excuses it comes up with (but I have housework, but I'm too tired, but my foot will hurt after, etc).

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