Monday, May 13, 2013

New Car and PMS

I was right about the PMS. Aunt Flo has sorta shown up early. As in I haven't made it to the sugar pills on my pack yet, but I'm having breakthrough. That's never happened before, joy! 

Saturday was spent car shopping and fighting with husband. All day. We have very different priorities when it comes to cars. I want something safe with low mileage that fits in our budget (which requires a lot of hunting right now). He wants something with bells and whistles, even if it means an older car with a lot more miles on it. I eventually sent him off on his own and told him to call me when he was ready to sign papers. He ended up with a 2009 model with a little over 100,000 miles on it, but it has all the things he wanted like the push-button start and keyless thing. Whatever. He's happy and it fits in our budget. 

Sunday.. I was woken up at 6:15 because Reagan was waking up. I finally got to drink my cold coffee after 8 when husband finally got up. No Mother's Day plans had been made, so he and the kids tagged along when I took my mother out. My dad brought my grandmother, and it was the first time she's met Reagan. My drug addict uncle lives with (read: off) her, and I refuse to bring my kids around it, and she refuses to go anywhere he isn't welcome. Not sure what changed her mind Sunday, but it made for an awkward dinner. Between that and the fighting with husband- over LAUNDRY- I had more calories in wine than I did food. 

Since this is my place to vent.. Husband and I are having issues (obviously). He's always been a wonderful husband and father- not perfect, but neither am I. But lately, he's losing his temper over the most ridiculous things, and I feel like his verbal punching bag. That alone bothered me, but this weekend he started yelling and cussing about laundry in front of the kids AND kid's friend that he didn't know was here. Once the kids were in bed asleep for the night, I lost MY temper. I don't like yelling or fighting. Bickering happens, and I think a normal disagreement every now and then is expected.. But yelling in front of my kids??? I refuse to have my kids grow up and think that's normal. He says he's stressed and didn't realize how bad he's gotten about it and promised to work on it. I hope so, because I can't deal with our home being this tense all the time. It's not fair to my babies. 

Just had to get that off my chest. Hopefully I'll have a more upbeat post soon :)


  1. New cars are exciting!

    xo, Katherine

  2. Sorry about what is going on with your hubs. Stress really sucks! Yelling at kids just doubles the stress, everyone feeling bad afterwards. And... I hope you're feeling better!

  3. Zero tolerance for verbal abuse; it can take its toll as much as anything physical! I exceeded my limit w/H1... Check out Patricia Evans' website:
    Good luck!