Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Photo Challenge

I joined Allan's photo challenge, because guys? I suck. Bad. That pizza/soda incident is still going on. In the last 2 weeks, there has been ice cream, cupcakes once, a few treats at work, and more diet dr. peppers.. I've done well enough during most meals to at least keep the sugar fests from showing a gain, but that's hardly anything to be happy about. I completely wasted another month, that's the only way to see it.

I've been logging using my fitness pal again (cdurrell85) but hoping the photo challenge will deter a lot of the junk. Not all of it, I know myself and my husband too well (the one that thinks he's being sweet when he picks up fast food so I don't have to cook on a bad day), but better than I have been.

So for starters, here's breakfast this morning.. Coffee with half and half, and 2 eggs with onions and genoa salami (husband made breakfast, he loves salami in eggs), and a wheat English muffin with a little real butter.


  1. The eggs and english muffin look really good. This blog challenge is making me look at lots of good food. :o/ But at least I am getting good ideas! :o)

    I've noticed that pretty much all of us have to have our coffee.

    1. Looking at other people's menus will be great for meal ideas!! And yes, definitely need my coffee!!