Saturday, May 11, 2013


No pictures for the last 2 days, because OMG. I was sent home from work Thursday with a fever and swollen throat. No strep, I was feeling a lot better, though not great, Friday.. But Reagan was sick. AND teething. AND tired due to said sick and teething. Dude. I didn't have time to pee until Ryan got home from work. My poor girl :(( she's always such a happy baby that seeing her so cranky and miserable was awful.. 

She's feeling a lot better today, but still teething pretty bad. In addition to that, Ryan's transmission has decided it would like to retire early. Yep! He changed jobs in February and is making almost double what he was, but this will eat up the last little "extra" that came with it (childcare for 2 kids is scary, I'm just saying). 

This weekend has blown so far. And PMS isn't helping my outlook right now. On the bright side, I lost 2 lbs for the week. I took some photos of my eats the last 2 days, but the majority of my meals the last 2 days have been eaten at the kitchen counter with a baby on my hip, if they happened at all. Oy. 

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