Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 1

I started taking pictures again yesterday, but missed some.. 

Saturday was just not a good day. Reagan has a tooth that's right at the surface, but it's taking forever to break through so she's miserable. 

Not looking miserable at all while chomping on her biter biscuit, but she was bipolar all day..

We were expecting a storm to start around 1, and Ryan never took down the the canopy in the backyard, so I went out before noon to try and figure it out (we just got it so this was the first time I've done anything with it). No such luck, so I decided to remove the stakes and flip it over so at least the wind wouldn't grab it. ONE huge gust of wind came through right as I got down to remove the first stake.. And ripped one side out of the ground and flipped it over (snapping a few bars and knocking me in the head in the process). There was a little blood, dizziness, and nausea.. And a slug stuck to my leg. Fun times.. 

And because Saturday wasn't interesting enough already, I set a dish towel on fire when I somehow put it in the microwave with a dish. I also put all the clean bottles in the fridge. I'm blaming the brain damage from earlier in the day. 

On the bright side.. I have one day of no diet sodas or junk under my belt. Breakfast was coffee with cream and raw sugar, and scrambled eggs made with 2 whole eggs, half an apple chicken sausage link, peppers, and onions. 

Lunch was a salad with croutons, cheese, and lite Catalina dressing. 

Dinner (not pictured, this is about when I set the towel on fire) was a baked potato and broccoli. 

I had another cup of coffee (also not pictured) sometime in the afternoon to keep me awake. All I wanted to do all day was take a nap, but husband thought that was a bad idea after the canopy attacked me. 

I worked a little more in the garden (read: jungle). It's something I've been trying to chip away at after work all week before Ryan gets home with the kids. I got all of the stupid fabric they put down under the dirt torn up Saturday. Just a little more weeding and trimming left before we can put live things in it. I've pulled out 5 dead bushes so far, so it's looking pretty bad. They were dying when we bought the house last July, but I was hugely pregnant with broken toes and a jacked ankle, so fixing it wasn't exactly a priority. And I'm known to kill plants, so that too. My mom actually took emergency custody of a houseplant I almost killed last year- one of those viney-leafy ones that's supposed to be impossible to kill? Not. It died after I got it back. So this garden is in trouble. 

And we bought a pool, courtesy of my ADD and the lack of impulse control that comes with it. Someone commented that swimming may be easier exercise for my foot, and a few days later we saw this pool marked down since it was the last one. Didn't know anything about leveling ground when we loaded that thing in the car, so it's not up yet. Whoops. I'm telling myself it will be epic once that project is done.. 

I don't plan to set anything on fire or bleed from the head today, so here's hoping Sunday is better than Saturday! 

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