Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2.

I need a do over for this weekend. The whole thing. Or another drink. 

Morning started with coffee and homemade (clean) pumpkin spice pancakes. I didn't get a pic of mine, but I did of Reagan! We're not really doing the baby led weaning thing so much as she flips out if you're having real food and she's not. 

We started leveling the ground for the pool today. And I found out my husband has never used a shovel before. This is going to be a long project, indeed. I got the outline done and a chunk of the middle, but I'm working around a teething baby's nap schedule.. I did get a sunburn out of it though. 

Lunch was a beef hotdog and watermelon.

Dinner was a burger on wheat with lettuce, tomato, and BBQ sauce, baked home fries, and more watermelon. We've been too busy to do much real cooking lately, so most dinners are done on the grill. Didn't get a picture. 

And then it was time to take Chris over to my parents for a sleepover. That's when the garage door decided to not open. Because that's the kind of weekend I've had. Husband took the kid, so I put Reagan in her walker and got on the ladder with You Tube instructions on my phone. And then I remembered how Saturday went (concussions, slugs, fires..), got off the ladder, and got a Smirnoff instead. 

My dad came over around 10pm and helped us get it open so we could at least get the other car out. It looks like a spring broke and one of the cables came off track. And another project gets added to the list. I'm so fucking over being a homeowner today. It's been one of those weekends that make me miss my apartment and maintenance men that never showed up when they were supposed to, and took months to fix something right. 

So that was my weekend! Hope everyone else's was better :)

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