Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2.

I need a do over for this weekend. The whole thing. Or another drink. 

Morning started with coffee and homemade (clean) pumpkin spice pancakes. I didn't get a pic of mine, but I did of Reagan! We're not really doing the baby led weaning thing so much as she flips out if you're having real food and she's not. 

We started leveling the ground for the pool today. And I found out my husband has never used a shovel before. This is going to be a long project, indeed. I got the outline done and a chunk of the middle, but I'm working around a teething baby's nap schedule.. I did get a sunburn out of it though. 

Lunch was a beef hotdog and watermelon.

Dinner was a burger on wheat with lettuce, tomato, and BBQ sauce, baked home fries, and more watermelon. We've been too busy to do much real cooking lately, so most dinners are done on the grill. Didn't get a picture. 

And then it was time to take Chris over to my parents for a sleepover. That's when the garage door decided to not open. Because that's the kind of weekend I've had. Husband took the kid, so I put Reagan in her walker and got on the ladder with You Tube instructions on my phone. And then I remembered how Saturday went (concussions, slugs, fires..), got off the ladder, and got a Smirnoff instead. 

My dad came over around 10pm and helped us get it open so we could at least get the other car out. It looks like a spring broke and one of the cables came off track. And another project gets added to the list. I'm so fucking over being a homeowner today. It's been one of those weekends that make me miss my apartment and maintenance men that never showed up when they were supposed to, and took months to fix something right. 

So that was my weekend! Hope everyone else's was better :)

June 1

I started taking pictures again yesterday, but missed some.. 

Saturday was just not a good day. Reagan has a tooth that's right at the surface, but it's taking forever to break through so she's miserable. 

Not looking miserable at all while chomping on her biter biscuit, but she was bipolar all day..

We were expecting a storm to start around 1, and Ryan never took down the the canopy in the backyard, so I went out before noon to try and figure it out (we just got it so this was the first time I've done anything with it). No such luck, so I decided to remove the stakes and flip it over so at least the wind wouldn't grab it. ONE huge gust of wind came through right as I got down to remove the first stake.. And ripped one side out of the ground and flipped it over (snapping a few bars and knocking me in the head in the process). There was a little blood, dizziness, and nausea.. And a slug stuck to my leg. Fun times.. 

And because Saturday wasn't interesting enough already, I set a dish towel on fire when I somehow put it in the microwave with a dish. I also put all the clean bottles in the fridge. I'm blaming the brain damage from earlier in the day. 

On the bright side.. I have one day of no diet sodas or junk under my belt. Breakfast was coffee with cream and raw sugar, and scrambled eggs made with 2 whole eggs, half an apple chicken sausage link, peppers, and onions. 

Lunch was a salad with croutons, cheese, and lite Catalina dressing. 

Dinner (not pictured, this is about when I set the towel on fire) was a baked potato and broccoli. 

I had another cup of coffee (also not pictured) sometime in the afternoon to keep me awake. All I wanted to do all day was take a nap, but husband thought that was a bad idea after the canopy attacked me. 

I worked a little more in the garden (read: jungle). It's something I've been trying to chip away at after work all week before Ryan gets home with the kids. I got all of the stupid fabric they put down under the dirt torn up Saturday. Just a little more weeding and trimming left before we can put live things in it. I've pulled out 5 dead bushes so far, so it's looking pretty bad. They were dying when we bought the house last July, but I was hugely pregnant with broken toes and a jacked ankle, so fixing it wasn't exactly a priority. And I'm known to kill plants, so that too. My mom actually took emergency custody of a houseplant I almost killed last year- one of those viney-leafy ones that's supposed to be impossible to kill? Not. It died after I got it back. So this garden is in trouble. 

And we bought a pool, courtesy of my ADD and the lack of impulse control that comes with it. Someone commented that swimming may be easier exercise for my foot, and a few days later we saw this pool marked down since it was the last one. Didn't know anything about leveling ground when we loaded that thing in the car, so it's not up yet. Whoops. I'm telling myself it will be epic once that project is done.. 

I don't plan to set anything on fire or bleed from the head today, so here's hoping Sunday is better than Saturday! 

Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm going to punch this week in the throat.

Is it just me, or is losing weight just the most ridiculous uphill battle?? One bad choice easily leads to another.. But it absolutely does NOT seem to work the same way with good choices, not for me lately. I'm so frustrated. I know I can get to a place where I love eating healthy and exercising, because I can read past entries that say just that. But I can't seem to remember how to get there. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

May Update

Sorry for the absence.. I said in my last post that I hoped the next one would be more upbeat, so I waited until I had better things to post about. 

Thank you to those who commented or emailed about the negative talk.. It definitely helped me feel less like I was making a big deal out of nothing. And it prompted a serious talk (without any yelling or arguing, thankfully) about how husband's temper was getting out of hand. He didn't realize how awful he sounded all the time until I recorded it, and I'm happy to say my normal husband has returned since then. The one that takes kid and his friends to the park for wiffleball even when he's exhausted, and sends me to take a bubble bath while he finishes the dishes just because. Knowing that he's normally such a sweet and thoughtful man made the Mr. Hyde even less tolerable I think. 

I'm still struggling on the diet front.. Having really good days undone by a few bad days. No gaining, but no losing. Stagnant. We've had cookouts the last 2 weekends, and even with all the snacky things brought, I'm too busy to overeat. Works out well for everyone :) 

Exercise.. Ugh. This remains the hardest part for me. I've been taking the kids for walks when the weather allows (Memphis has had tons of rain), but I pay for it. My husband said it sounds like plantar fasciitis, and I agree after Googling. I have a physical this summer and will talk to the doctor if the stretches don't help.. And goodbye flip flops :( 

And, as usual, the cuteness..

Chris and my nephew at war

First time in her pool

Both with their "blankie" and the noisiest toys they could find. As long as I get to drink my coffee while it's still hot! 

At the park!

Monday, May 13, 2013

New Car and PMS

I was right about the PMS. Aunt Flo has sorta shown up early. As in I haven't made it to the sugar pills on my pack yet, but I'm having breakthrough. That's never happened before, joy! 

Saturday was spent car shopping and fighting with husband. All day. We have very different priorities when it comes to cars. I want something safe with low mileage that fits in our budget (which requires a lot of hunting right now). He wants something with bells and whistles, even if it means an older car with a lot more miles on it. I eventually sent him off on his own and told him to call me when he was ready to sign papers. He ended up with a 2009 model with a little over 100,000 miles on it, but it has all the things he wanted like the push-button start and keyless thing. Whatever. He's happy and it fits in our budget. 

Sunday.. I was woken up at 6:15 because Reagan was waking up. I finally got to drink my cold coffee after 8 when husband finally got up. No Mother's Day plans had been made, so he and the kids tagged along when I took my mother out. My dad brought my grandmother, and it was the first time she's met Reagan. My drug addict uncle lives with (read: off) her, and I refuse to bring my kids around it, and she refuses to go anywhere he isn't welcome. Not sure what changed her mind Sunday, but it made for an awkward dinner. Between that and the fighting with husband- over LAUNDRY- I had more calories in wine than I did food. 

Since this is my place to vent.. Husband and I are having issues (obviously). He's always been a wonderful husband and father- not perfect, but neither am I. But lately, he's losing his temper over the most ridiculous things, and I feel like his verbal punching bag. That alone bothered me, but this weekend he started yelling and cussing about laundry in front of the kids AND kid's friend that he didn't know was here. Once the kids were in bed asleep for the night, I lost MY temper. I don't like yelling or fighting. Bickering happens, and I think a normal disagreement every now and then is expected.. But yelling in front of my kids??? I refuse to have my kids grow up and think that's normal. He says he's stressed and didn't realize how bad he's gotten about it and promised to work on it. I hope so, because I can't deal with our home being this tense all the time. It's not fair to my babies. 

Just had to get that off my chest. Hopefully I'll have a more upbeat post soon :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013


No pictures for the last 2 days, because OMG. I was sent home from work Thursday with a fever and swollen throat. No strep, I was feeling a lot better, though not great, Friday.. But Reagan was sick. AND teething. AND tired due to said sick and teething. Dude. I didn't have time to pee until Ryan got home from work. My poor girl :(( she's always such a happy baby that seeing her so cranky and miserable was awful.. 

She's feeling a lot better today, but still teething pretty bad. In addition to that, Ryan's transmission has decided it would like to retire early. Yep! He changed jobs in February and is making almost double what he was, but this will eat up the last little "extra" that came with it (childcare for 2 kids is scary, I'm just saying). 

This weekend has blown so far. And PMS isn't helping my outlook right now. On the bright side, I lost 2 lbs for the week. I took some photos of my eats the last 2 days, but the majority of my meals the last 2 days have been eaten at the kitchen counter with a baby on my hip, if they happened at all. Oy. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Breakfast was the norm, coffee and eggs. Poached this time over wheat toast with strawberries and bananas on the side. 

Lunch was a taco salad made with shredded chicken, lettuce, ff sour cream, and salsa. Didn't eat the black beans, too full from the salad.

Yesterday was Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day! If you have girl parts, you need to check out the signs. My boss-friend's was caught very early on accident. Most aren't caught until later stages. Everyone wore teal in support, including my brood. 

And some well meaning douche made these brownies and put them in 3 different spots around the office.. I had none, but only because I told my office that I wasn't and to throw something at me if I got too close to a plate of them ;)

Dinner was steak, corn, and salad with balsamic vinaigrette, croutons, and cheese. We planned to eat outside until I found what we're almost positive was a black widow. Never going outside again. 

Almost Friday!!! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

And done!

Day 7 of the photo challenge started with- surprise- coffee and eggs! Technically, a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. I refuse to cook bacon because it's so messy, but Chris talked Ryan into making them this morning. Those two think bacon should have it's own food group. They're going to LOVE me when it's back to turkey bacon once this package is finished off.. 

Lunch was leftover chicken noodle soup and ritz crackers. Everyone in our house is dealing with allergies and sore throats on and off lately thanks to the bipolar weather in Memphis. I was really glad I decided to make it for dinner last night!

I haven't been snacking during the day at work lately, but I was starving today!! I wanted something sweet specifically.. So the office skinny girl and I split an apple with peanut butter. 

Dinner was sausage and lentil stew made with apple chicken sausage, carrots, onions, garlic, lentils, and ff chicken broth. Ryan didn't care for it, but the kid and I really liked it! 

The husband went and got ice cream after dinner.. And I had a few bites of one (I logged it as half just to be safe). Weak moment, sore throat, and possibly some pms going on. Even with logging it as half, I was only 45 calories over my limit. 

I'm not feeling too great today.. Exhausted, sore throat, dizzy. Hopefully an early bedtime at our house! 

On a more positive note.. Reagan is getting around! I can't turn my back for a minute or she's scooting (more of a military crawl) all over the place. She got under the side table this morning while Ryan made her cereal! 

Got milk?

So I experimented yesterday morning.. coffee with stevia and half & half.. The stevia had an odd aftertaste, so I dumped it and made it right. We wanted to try a different sweetener, preferably one that doesn't cause migraines, neurological issues, or cancer, but this isn't it. It even had a fog that looked like dry ice when I poured it into the jar.. that can't be good!! Does anyone use truvia?

Breakfast was an omelet made with 2 eggs, peppers, onions, turkey sausage crumbles, and ff cream cheese. We eat eggs a lot for breakfast.

Lunch was homemade tuna salad (made with light miracle whip and celery), rf wheat thins, and green beans.

No snacking during the day again.. This training thing is helping a lot with that!

Dinner was homemade chicken noodle soup and ritz crackers. I made a big batch because boss-friend's chemo drug was changed for this week's treatment due to side effects.. But now she has a whole host of other side effects including nausea, mouth sores, and a bad taste in her mouth that won't go away.. AND a cold! She's having trouble kicking the cold because of her immune system, and she loves my soup, so I'm taking her a big batch today.

And the milk happened again.. 2 glasses last night. Husband asked if I was pregnant again (I took a half gallon with me to work a lot of days). Not the case, I think it's become my substitute for something sweet.. It could be worse, but still something that needs to stop.

On a side note, I haven't been giving calorie counts but I have been tracking it all with my fitness pal (cdurrell85) and I'm staying below my 1310 calorie limit it suggested!

Also, this is what our weather was like this week after having temps up in the 80s for a while.. No wonder everyone is sick!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Quick weekend recap!


Breakfast was coffee (that I MAYBE got a few sips of because someone wanted to play and it was cold when I got a chance to go back to it), 2 eggs, red pepper, onion, ff cheese, and salsa in a wheat wrap that wouldn't wrap..

Lunch was a chicken sandwich made with a Tyson chicken patty, lettuce, onion, pickle, and a sargento ultra thin slice of provolone with some BBQ sauce.. Don't ask, husband does a lot of the weekend cooking since I cook all week!

Dinner was a cheese pizza with peppers and onions from snappy tomato, I had 2 slices. I should have made a salad to go with it, but it was almost 8 by the time we had dinner and I was done.


Breakfast was a kind bar.

Lunch didn't really happen. We ran errands for most of the day, and husband grabbed Starbucks for him. I had a few sips before it hit me that I'd have to count it. I stopped, but did grab a pic.. Also had a pickle later to munch on until dinner.

Dinner was a bowl of panera broccoli cheese soup and a wheat baguette. Weekends are all over the place for us.

And then I had 3 (yes, THREE) glasses of 2% milk. I don't know why. That's a lot of calories in milk, but I guess it could have been a lot worse. It was last weekend, that's for sure!!

And the project.. I finally finished painting the kid's bathroom! I'm never painting again. I thought it would be quick and easy since it's such a small room. Wrong!! Small just means more difficult to maneuver in.