Saturday, August 7, 2010

We're Married!

It's official, I'm a Durrell now! So far, being married doesn't feel any different (aside from my Nanny laying off the "living in sin" deal). As someone who is in no way a fan of weddings, I have to say it was fun. There are obviously things I wish had gone differently, like the caterer and the behavior of certain family members, but overall it was what we wanted. Relaxed and fun. We were so blessed to have so many family members and friends help so much with the whole thing, there's no way it would have happened without all of them. I'll blog more about the wedding day later :)

I'm exhausted now that it's all over and done with, and trying to resume normal daily life. Chris starts second grade Monday at a new school, and I'm nervous. It's an optional school, so the curriculum moves a lot faster and I'm happy for that! He was so bored at the last school because he was always farther ahead than his classmates. Having ADHD too, that caused a lot of problems. You just don't let an intelligent child with ADHD get bored. Ever. And you certainly can't be surprised when they begin disrupting class as a result. I'm crossing my fingers that having a class that's on his level will help with that. Vyvanse can only do so much!

In other news.. I had a personal goal to lose 20lbs before the wedding. I lost 26! During the honeymoon I gained almost 6 back, and I'm working it back off now. It's been a little difficult to get back on track since we got home, maybe because I don't have a "deadline" to work towards, so I set a new goal. I want to get below a certain point by my birthday, but not sure it's possible. It would require losing about 3lbs a week between now and November 3. I'm still going to try, but if I miss it (and I'm not going to be shocked if I do) I want it done before Christmas. I'll be at my lowest weight since Chris was born once I get there.

Another goal, I'm going to try to blog more often. Definitely not getting my hopes up there though!