Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pictures make up for absences, right?

Thank you, Princess, for the reminder to update! I've been such a horrible blogger, 2011 was just NOT my year.. haha! I still read everyone's posts, I just haven't had time to comment or post my own. It's on my New Year's Resolution list ;)

First, mom has not been back to the hospital so far and has been doing okay. She's still having spells of weakness/dizziness/sweating and occasional bouts of nausea, but it's lessened greatly. She has to completely avoid some of her favorite things, like coffee and tea, but she's working around it well. She saw her doctor a few weeks ago and they scheduled another complete physical exam at the end of the month. If it doesn't turn anything up, they're looking at her liver and endocrine system. Mom's not too worried about it at the moment since she's feeling fine, but 2 hospitalizations in a month? I'm not ready to let my guard down yet. She's dealing with a cracked rib at the moment, too! 

I'm dealing with a little bout of depression lately, but I think that's pretty common around the holidays. I've been feeling icky for a while, but I wasn't really aware of it until I spent an entire Saturday watching an NCIS marathon in my pajama's. I think I moved from the couch 3 times all day.. whoops! I didn't mean to be a slug, I was just in a mood. Realizing that's what it is makes fixing it a lot easier. 

One of the things I'll be doing to help is, obviously, getting back to my weight loss. I haven't been working at it since Allan left (if anyone knows what happened there, please let me know?), but I haven't gone on a food frenzy either. I'm making decent choices all day, and blowing it late at night. I've hovered around 220 for the last month. I'm not weighing again until January 1. I can't completely commit to any kind of plan right now, so I'm just going to do my best until then.

Baby making is on hold, indefinitely. Mr. D and I are having some issues in that department, and for my mental health, we're just not even talking about babies right now. Planning a baby shower for my nephew's mother is a wee bit hard right now, but I want to do that for her.

The kid and I have been crafting a bit lately (Pinterest is a bad place for folks with ADD!), and though our little projects never turn out quite like they look on Pinterest, making things together and getting glitter EVERYWHERE make us both so furiously happy. Here are a few of our Christmas-y things:

Melted Snowman Cookies (Yes, I know these are super evil sugary demons. He has one Christmas party a year, and he picked these to make, so stop with all the judging, haha!)

He asked for a "Polar Express" lunch, and this was my lame attempt with the train and the bell. Kid has LOW expectations I guess, because he thought it was great.

Ornament we made for Mr. D- it has rose petals from our wedding inside, and our anniversary on the back of ornament

Snowman ornament, filled with fake snow

Fingerprint snowmen ornament- grandparent gift from the kid

Our weekly calendar, with Christmas-y colors

This looks so sad compared to the picture, but the lack of spacing between colors and the huge bald spots make me love it more because I'll always remember the little hands that helped :)

And one of his weekend lunches

If I don't post again until after the holidays, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!