Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week 5 (we think?)

First, thank you SO MUCH everyone!!! Mr. D and I are beyond excited!!! We've been trying since last July, and finally decided to take a break from all of it at Christmas. I guess what they say is true.. as soon as you stop trying- bam!

Part of me is still in shock, but it's starting to feel real. We've already told all our family and friends, and they're all so excited! My mother screamed and cried, which was a lot more than I was expecting since Vanessa is due any day now! His mother was so happy, she said this just made her weekend! Everyone has been so excited!! Aside from my SIL and her fiance. My SIL said we're ruining her wedding and some very ugly things were posted to husband's facebook, but we aren't letting their negativity take away from our happiness right now. Mr. D tried calling his sister several times (I was really hoping this could be an opportunity for them to work things out), but they refuse to speak to us. Their loss, we're moving on and celebrating without them. I spent one evening writing 2 emails to them.. one venting, and one forgiving them and apologizing. I didn't send either, but it helped let all the yucky feelings go.

So.. we have an appointment 2/21 and will hopefully be hearing the heartbeat then!! Mr. D and the kid have been so sweet it's almost disgusting (I have some very wonderful guys!). We learned this week that decaf coffee (I haven't touched caffeine since we found out)  and olive oil are things I'll be avoiding, but I haven't felt too bad yet.

The only area I'm struggling with is food.. I have NO idea how much to eat! It says you should only increase calories by about 300, but I'm having trouble even getting to 2000 after keeping it around 1200-1500 for so long. It just feels like too much, so I'm snacking on walnuts and almonds to help boost it a bit. Suggestions? I'll be asking the doctor at our appointment but would love ideas until the appt.

Hope everyone has a great week!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Not sure how to say this..

Let's start with my intake just so far today..

Breakfast was a light English muffin, slice of turkey bacon, ff cheese, and egg.
Snack 1 was a banana.
Snack 2 was almonds.
Lunch was catfish and broccoli, and a "clementine" that wasn't a clementine at all but some other sickly sour impostor.
Snack 3 (now) is wheat thins, laughing cow wedge, and unsweetened almond milk.

Dude, that's a lot of snacking, huh? And I can't even blame PMS anymore.

Mostly because it's NOT that. Those pesky symptoms I've been having all week? Yeah, not PMS at all.

Apparently, I'm PREGNANT. Holy crap guys, I'm pregnant!!!!

And OBVIOUSLY, I suck at secrets. My coworkers know, my BFFs know, y'all know.. our parents will find out this weekend :)

You know that feeling you get at the top of the roller coaster- right before the drop? Excited yet a little bit terrified??? That's me today. And kind of in shock, because we quit trying in December. I blame the Sangria New Year's Eve ;)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Missed 2 days in a row, whoops! Mr. D spent the entire night on the phone with his mother Monday, so the kid and I played until bedtime and the adults argued about said phone call later. Not a fun Monday night. Just listening to the phone call was stressing me out (about SIL again) so I kept busy with the kid. Last night we all played a game together (Mr. D felt bad about the night before) and I tried a bee recipe out of my 100 Calorie section of the new cookbook BFF gave me- tasty!!

Since I'm already late for work, yesterday's eats were..

Breakfast- banana and strawberries
Lunch- leftover poppyseed chicken (my mammaw would be turning in her grave if she knew how much I cut out of her recipe!) and broccoli
Snack- reduced fat wheat thins with a laughing cow wedge
Dinner- macaroni scramble (boys complained about all the veggies in it and I wasn't too thrilled with the sauce)
Dessert- banana and chocolate chip bars

This week has been tough to stay out of the kitchen, thank you pms. I'm always munchier than usual before TOM shows.. It needs to just get on with it already!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Munchy Day

Today was tough.. I kept going in the kitchen and just staring at the pantry or fridge. I wonder if having a lighter breakfast than normal may have contributed to that? Anywho, it's late so here's the eats!

Breakfast was a nonfat Greek yogurt (I buy the fruit on the bottom kind).
Lunch was a wrap with grilled chicken, tomato, avocado, and hummus.
Snack was a second wrap with strawberries and half a banana (I was hungry all day for some reason!).
Dinner was beef brajiole, bruschetta, and a spinach salad- yum!!

Picture Post

The baby shower went extremely well, considering how awkward I was expecting it to be! I think everyone had fun, and I'm blessed to have such amazing friends. We didn't have any shower games (hooray!), just great company, good eats, and lots of pink gifts! Just wanted to share a few photos!
The Baby Shower Eats (I think I did really well, though I did enjoy a cupcake)

The Punch


My first diaper cake

Vanessa in the nursery

BFF and I finally had a chance to exchange Christmas gifts yesterday, and I couldn't have asked for something more perfect! I've been trying to follow the FlyLady system this month, but the website just has so much info! I read the first chapter while taking a bubble bath last night (helped my foot after being on it all day), and I think I know where I've been going wrong- baby steps!! As usual, I try to do too much all at once. And when I can't, I quit. So I did the first 3 baby steps, and that's it. Progress, not perfection.

And oh, the cookbook!! I love them, you guys know this. I can sit and read a cookbook cover to cover. I've already made it halfway through this one and marked several recipes to try! It has a ton of desserts under 200 calories, and a lot of it is made from scratch rather than mixes. PERFECT.

See? My faves.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Boom, Post 2.

Today's eats were mostly on track (minus the tracking) part..

Breakfast was the same as yesterday- half a light English muffin, turkey bacon, egg, and ff cheese. Hubs has made breakfast for me the last 2 mornings :)
Lunch was a ff tortilla wrap with hummus, grilled chicken, tomato, and cucumber with a spinach salad (ff dressing)
Snack was strawberries and a bite of the kid's cupcake
Dinner was steak with blue cheese crust (scraped off because I wasn't impressed with how that turned out), and another spinach salad.

The kid got a note home from school this week from the teacher saying how well he had focused and how proud she was. I know how hard that is for him since we've kept him on a very low dose of ritalin, so when he asked if we could go to Muddy's, I thought it was a well earned treat. For him. I didn't order one for myself, but I did try a bite of his. While there, I also ordered some for the baby shower tomorrow.. a dozen of the kind I dislike, and a dozen of the kind that give me migraines (if I'm stupid and have more than one). That should help with the temptation! ;) 

Food Battles? Not here!

Update on the foot.. it still hurts. It's just an annoyance most of the time, but if I spend any time on my feet- ouch. Grocery shopping last night was no fun, fo sho. Thanks for checking on me, Kelliann!

Our family goal for January was less processed foods, and I'm happy to say we've done better with that. Since this is something we've been working on gradually, it's been easy! My grocery cart last night had very little boxed foods, and most of it was for my guys..

Speaking of which.. I just want to say how proud I am of my kid! A year ago, we were having food battles almost daily over trying new things and eating his veggies. In the last 2-3 months, those battles have almost disappeared. He tried (and LOVED) salad 2 weeks ago, tried and liked almond milk last week, tried hummus (not a fan apparently).. and all without a single complaint. He's been choosing yogurt and bananas as snacks, and finishes his veggies at every meal aside from lunch (that's the ritalin). Don't get me wrong, the kid still loves his goldfish and homemade cookies, but he's been so much better at balancing it with healthier choices.

So what's changed? Not too much. We've made sure he's consistently exposed to healthy foods, and we talk to him about balance. He's a smart kid, he even tried to tell his 2-year-old cousin that taste buds grow with you so he needed to try something again, haha! The only real.change we made was the addition of his "good choice jar." When he makes good choices, he gets marbles in his jar- the amount depending on the situation. Once it's full, hello toy store. He's not allowed to TELL us he made a good choice though, we have to notice. Positive reinforcement has always worked best at our house, and that silly little jar has done wonders. I originally started it to encourage him to talk his feelings out instead of getting angry (classic ADHD). Little did I know he'd become such a great little example for his cousin :)

I'm going to try to post again later, but have a great weekend just in case!! And remember, the weekend is a break from work- not being healthy!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Allan challenged everyone to blog twice daily for accountability.. hmm. I think it's a great idea, but not sure I have time for two posts. As infrequent as my posting is now, once daily is challenge enough! Besides, do y'all really want to read my ramblings twice daily? ;) Me neither!

This morning was awful mood wise. I've already gotten it out of my system with a friend and don't want to go into the details again, but I think I'll be taking a vacation from my family after the baby shower Saturday. I've mentioned before that I love my mother, but my relationship with her was and continues to be the most dysfunctional one I have. My goal for 2012 is to be healthier and happier, and I really feel that my relationship with her and other family standing in the way of that. I'm not cutting ties with them, I do love them, but a break and some boundaries have become necessary. And I really need to learn to say no.

Eats today were good..
Breakfast was half a light English muffin, a slice of turkey bacon, an egg, and a slice of fat free cheese with coffee.
Snacks were 2 clementines and half a serving of almonds.
Lunch was leftover cola chicken and green beans.
Dinner will be hamburger noodle casserole and veggies.

I've got yogurt and an apple ready if I want a snack later.. I've really been struggling with night time snacking. It's almost always popcorn (Mr. D pops it every night).

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whoops, Mid-week Menu, and Christmas!

First, I didn't weigh this weekend because I'm still fighting TMI issues. I've felt yucky for most of January, but finally got some relief yesterday. Hopped on the scale this morning, and I'm a little over 1 lb down. I've talked about adding a supplement for a while, but just hate taking pills if it's not necessary. Since extra fiber and tons of water aren't doing it, I'm asking for suggestions!! What helps you??

On another yucky note, I finally got around to exercising this week.. sorta. Mr. D and I did a lot of walking around Saturday, and it hurt to put any weight on the heel of my right foot by that evening. I've had pain there before on and off, but dude. First, I thought it was just from walking around- but it was just one foot? Odd. It's been sore in that same spot since, though nowhere near as bad. Enter me trying to exercise.. apparently, the treadmill hates my foot. As did the elliptical. Pain just 5 minutes in (not the work through it kind!). Today, I learned all about plantar fasciitis. F me. I'm planning to get new shoes (my faves are all flats, which is a no-no), including new sneakers. And then the stretches. Fun times with Jillian in my future.. not facing the treadmill again until I have the new shoes!

And for the weekly menu (yes, I know it's half over, LOL)

Sunday: Bruschetta Stuffed Chicken with salad
Monday: Lasagna with salad
Tuesday: Pecan-Crusted Chicken with broccoli
Wednesday: Cola Chicken over rice with carrots
Thursday: Hamburger Noodle Casserole with peas
Friday: Steak with Blue Cheese Crust and salad

Breakfasts are boring at our house during the week (Greek yogurt, fruit, eggs, oatmeal) and lunches are leftovers, salads, or wraps with fruits and veggies. Dinner is where we try to add variety.. we try not to repeat meals during the month (any repeats you see are usually due to changes we made last minute), which is easy when we try so many new recipes. It keeps me from getting bored with my diet, for sure! So you can imagine how excited I was when my 5 new cookbooks were delivered Monday!!! Like a kid on Christmas, dude!! Can't wait to share some of the new recipes we'll be trying! ;)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekly Menu, and Venting.

Technically, this should be my weigh-in post. But it's not. Because I haven't been able to use the bathroom since Monday. And I'm not weighing because I'm sure the scale will reflect that. If things don't start moving along by tomorrow, I'm picking up that nasty lemon-lime poop juice. Sorry for the TMI, but I'm physically miserable :(  So no weigh-in, but I do have the weekly menu! And here's the recipe Ana requested! We left off the Parmesan and used Zesty Lite Italian dressing instead.

Sunday: Pretzel Crusted Honey Mustard Chicken (7 points) with rice and carrots
Monday: Mini Deep-Dish Pizzas (3 points for 2) and salad
Tuesday: Mexican Chicken Soup (8 points)
Wednesday: Taco Pasta Salad with peppers and onions
Thursday: Baked Macaroni with broccoli
Friday: Reuben Chowder
Saturday: Bruschetta and Cheese Stuffed Chicken (7 points) with salad

So this week has been a big ol' bag of moodiness. Monday was a battle not to get all feisty at work over office crap. Wednesday, I cried at my desk a few times for no reason. Thursday, I almost deleted my Facebook and my blog. I ignored any and all attempts from my mother or nephew's mother to communicate with me until Friday. I snapped at Mr. D more than once.. And when I finally started to snap out of my mood, husband informs me that his mother requested we call her after kid is in bed.

Let me explain.. And fair warning, this is just a vent session. And it's all really silly stuff, so feel free to stop here! Just had to get it off my chest!

My SIL is crazy. I'm not sure how else to say it. She's getting married in May, and asked me to be a bridesmaid (Mr. D gets to be maid-of-honor). I don't know her that well, and we have almost nothing in common. I said yes, because what else could I say?? On our August vacation to New England, MIL and I went with her to try on dresses. First, she was a hateful wench to her mother, which made the whole outing tense for everyone. My MIL is a saint, and anyone that's mean to her is pretty much scum. Anyway..  The dress she loved for me had straps that itched like fire ants. I'm a redhead, guys. With seriously pale sensitive skin. If I RUB my skin, it turns all blotchy and red. So I mentioned that. Not in a hateful way, just mentioned that it was irritating my skin and I would need to do something with the straps if that's what we went with. And can I mention how uncomfortable it was to be trying on dresses that had my chest all hanging out with her fiance there commenting?? Yeah.

After what felt like eternity listening to her belittle my MIL, we weren't able to make a decision on the dress because they didn't have the one she loved in my size to try on (thus my chest hanging out issue). I made plans to try it on when we got back to Memphis. September rolls around, and BFF is trying on bridesmaid dresses for her friend's wedding one weekend. BFF and I are close in size, and ironically, the colors are the same for both weddings. So I call ahead to see if our store has the dress in my size and plan to tag along if they do. But they don't. Phone lady advised I check back in January because new stuff comes in then to get ready for Spring weddings. Copy that.

Now, had I realized how crazy my SIL is, I would've called then and told her what was going on. HOWEVER, since David Bridal takes about 6-8 weeks for dresses to come in after ordering, I figured there was no reason to freak out about waiting until January. And honestly, I was a little overwhelmed with mom being in the hospital twice. Clearly, I am a moron.

In early November, SIL emails me and asks about the dress. I replied same day and told her I was going to look again after Christmas. I get what sounded like a snarky response saying her dress choice is no longer available. I respond with an "AH! That's why I haven't been able to find the dress in my size!" email, and add not to worry, we have plenty of time to find a dress. And I joked about how itchy that dress was. Dude, I added a smiley.

And then, the hateful emails start. First one calls me a liar among other things, and criticizes mine and her brother's wedding. I had no idea where the animosity came from, so I let Mr. D decide how to handle it. We emailed her back and let her know we were handling the dress and were sorry we hadn't communicated better about not finding the dress, and he mentioned my mom had been in the hospital for a few weeks and was still very sick. She's not once acknowledged how sick mom was or asked about her, but she did send another more hateful, longer email. This time, I was a coward and trying to break the bond between her and her brother. Oh, and I hate her whole family. After talking about it at length, husband and I agreed that maybe me stepping out of the wedding was the best idea. My involvement seemed to be angering her for whatever reason, and we didn't want this to ruin her day. So he told her that (he thought maybe it would be easier coming from him). The NEXT email is even worse. Basically, she tried bullying me into being a bridesmaid after running me into the ground. Her ultimatum was to "play ball" or do everyone a favor and stay in Memphis. Obviously, I stuck with option 2. So I got 2 more emails..

My MIL is making herself sick over the whole thing. Especially after the last email she sent- that one was bad enough that Mr. D called and went off after reading it. She informed him that she planned on having me arrested if I attempted to come with him. He lost his temper at this point.. from the first hateful email, he's been saying he's not going to her wedding. I've tried calming him down and pointing out that the issue is between SIL and I, not him, and that he'd regret not going eventually. That's not something you can fix later. Well, she said some awful things that just crossed the line, and he said he wasn't going either. Not until she called and apologized.

It's been a month and a half, and we haven't heard from her. Mr. D doesn't think we will. We have heard from my MIL though. She's the eternal peace-maker, and is doing her best to patch things. First, she did nothing wrong. Her daughter is almost 28. That's a little old for your mother to be making your apologies for you, in my opinion. Last night, MIL had finally gotten SIL to talk to her about how she was feeling and where all of this came from. Ready for this??? Apparently, Mr. D was always "the favorite" and she's upset about that. And now that we're together (he's lived with me for almost 3 years), she feels that she's losing her brother. It probably wasn't the most tactful way to respond, but Mr. D laughed when MIL said that. He said he and his sister have never been that close, and he doesn't see how that explains her behavior towards me. We talked for over an hour, and MIL wants to either fly us up north or SIL down here so we can all talk face to face and work this out. That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, and I'm not going along with that. My MIL had no part in any of this, and should not be the one trying to fix it. I have no intention of holding a grudge, none. But I do have some self-respect. When my SIL is ready to apologize, I'm ready to talk this out. Part of being an adult means owning your mistakes. I've had to swallow my pride and admit I was being a moron more than once. It's not fun, but it's the mature thing to do.

***Edited to add: This WHOLE thing could have been avoided if she had called me rather than emailed. She claims one of my replies was bitchy. Had she used the phone, she would have known from my tone that was not the case. However, she wanted a "paper trail" of her conversations with me. Is it just me, or does it sound like she knew from the initial email that this was going to get ugly??? Oy vey!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly Menu!

Have I mentioned I'm a crazy menu lady before? Seriously. It's not that I'm organized, I just have a bit of OCD. I plan our menu out at a month at a time, and cook at least 5-6 nights a week. It sounds insane, but it's easier for me this way. When I make my menu, I pull ALL my cookbooks out, ALL the recipes I've saved in my email that I want to try, ALL the stuff on Pinterest I want to try.. you get the idea. With all the crap I'm pulling out to make the menu, it kind of seems stupid NOT to do more than a week when I sit down to do it. And a bonus? I don't have to do it for another whole month ;) 

See? Crazy. The faces are the boys "rating" dinner. Kid really liked tonight's dinner..

Anywho.. here's our menu for this week!

Tonight: Zesty BBQ roasted chicken and potatoes with broccoli (7 points) NEW
Monday: Chicken spaghetti and salad (it used to be 7 before the new points plus)
Tuesday: Chicken stuffing bake and carrots (6 points)
Wednesday: Pecan crusted chicken (5 points), garlic potatoes, and green beans
Thursday: Loaded potato soup (will have to refigure the points on this one, but it's 4-5 I think)
Friday: Chicken enchiladas (4 points) NEW
Saturday: Poppy-seed chicken with broccoli and cauliflower 

The poppy-seed chicken isn't technically new, but I've never made it. It's one of my great grandmother's recipes I found while making the family cookbooks at Christmas. It looks like it's going to be a bit high in points, so I'm saving it for Saturday. I don't use any weekly points until Saturday so I can make the higher point meals the boys love without going over for the week. I didn't even dip into them this weekend when we had bbq chicken pizzas.

It's all about planning ahead!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Before I scare anyone, I reset my weight loss tracker earlier this week- I didn't gain back everything. Just half. Yeah, JUST half. I'm definitely taking advantage of the "clean slate" mentality! When people ask how much I've lost, it's embarrassing to say it WAS 50, but half made it's way back. So I reset the tracker.

This week, I lost 2 lbs and I'm happy with that. Especially since very little exercise was involved. Exercise is my next habit to work on this coming week. I know I'll enjoy it once I get back to it, but those first few workouts just suck. I don't want to do it yet, I keep making excuses, I don't have the energy.. blah, blah, blah. I DO feel better after eating right, but exercise that was easy before sucks again. Epic fail, self.Time to put my big girl panties on and just do it.. Last week, I worked on my night time snacking habit I fell back into. I didn't cut it out, just made sure it was healthier snacks (fruit, popcorn). One thing at a time.. goodbye all-or-nothing!

Staying within my points has been strangely easy so far. The only time I'm tempted is at night, and I haven't struggled with choosing the healthier options. I am allowing myself a little chocolate, but not going overboard. It helps that we think chocolate may be one of the things triggering my migraines! If I have too much, I pay for it big time. Mr. D and I try to include a lot of the "heart-healthy" foods though (heart disease is rampant in both sides of my family and his cholesterol was a little high in June), and dark chocolate is on the list. One square of dark chocolate a day doesn't cause me any pain, satisfies my sweet tooth, and is within my points. WINNING!

Everything else is progressing nicely so far.. I'm following all my FlyLady routines, still getting to bed later than I'd like but it's gotten better, and had an awesome day doing whatever the kid wanted :)

For those that don't know who FlyLady is, here you go. I finished up my launch pad today and added my beginner control journal underneath our house rules. The crazy colored frame is our weekly menu.

I keep mine and the kid's routines in sheet protectors hanging on the fridge for easy access, and it's helped both of us tremendously! Since we both have ADD (poor Mr. D), routines are kind of a biggie. Kid has kept his room clean- by MY standards- for over a week. Mornings, school afternoons, and evenings have gone so much smoother and the house is so much more peaceful.. It's definitely helped my stress level, and it seems to have done the same for the guys too.

We also tried a few new recipes this week, and while one was a complete bust, the other was fantastic so I'm sharing! We made Saucy Mexican Chicken, here's the recipe. Mr. D normally won't touch beans of any kind (what a weirdo), but even he said this was tasty. It was quick, easy, and kinda looked like dog food. But it was awesome, I promise!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Family January Goals

The first week of 2012 is almost over, are you sticking to those resolutions with the same enthusiasm you had on Sunday? Will you still be excited the first week of February?

I'm not struggling with anything other than the exercise. I gave myself permission to focus on healthier eating first, but for me, the exercise is necessary for weight loss. I know some can drop the pounds by just watching their calories, but I'm not one of them. My screwy metabolism requires both if I want to see any results. Lame, I know. Right now, I'm trying to make myself add it to my morning routine, but I'm SO not a morning person.

Mr. D and I have two goals for the month of January. First, we're working on buying less and less processed foods. This week, we focused on more organic fruits and vegetables. Technically, not a big change but that's the idea. I know my guys, and they don't do well with big changes! Buying organic produce (anything where the outer layer is not removed) is an easy change that will benefit all of us given how much pesticides are used nowadays! For those that already eat mostly organic, what's a good change for next week??

Our second January goal isn't health related. I bet ours isn't the only family that goes a little overboard at Christmas! We don't add debt over Christmas or anything, but we do spend entirely too much. To balance our December spending, we're having a "no spending" month. If it's not a necessity, we don't buy it. That includes eating out, picking up extra non-essentials between grocery days, going out for dates, etc. It's been easy so far, it's just going to require planning ahead. I have homemade soups in the freezer for those nights when cooking isn't possible. We have fun, free family nights and date nights planned. We're using up things that have been buried in the pantry and freezer for a while (seriously, I'm awful about buying extras just because it's on sale). If we stick to it all month, we have a nice night out planned at the end of the month :)

What's your plan to make 2012 resolutions stick??

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Popular Resolutions Post

So.. I haven't posted about my New Year resolutions yet because, honestly, I've been busy keeping them. Only 5 days in and I feel good, happy, optimistic. Even if it is just all in my head, having the illusion of a clean slate just makes it easier for me. Not just with the weight loss, but with everything that has been weighing me down the past few months. Something I'm really working on right now is my all-or-nothing attitude. Perfectionism was my worst enemy in 2011.. if I couldn't do it "right," I didn't do it at all. Again, not just with my diet.

My only real goal in 2012 is to be happy with myself and my life. I don't want to get all mushy, but I'm working on accepting that I'm enough just as I am. December was tough, and I'm finally coming out of my crazy funk. If you've never been depressed, I'm not sure I can explain it. I think it was a combination of my normal anxiety, lack of sleep, unhealthy eating, in-law drama, missing my grandmother (Christmas.was her thing and she passed 12-30-08), you get the idea. And I've been meds free since July (can't take them while trying to get pregnant). High-five, self.

Anywho, things I'm working on right now to help me reach that goal:

- getting back to my routines. FlyLady is helping tremendously with the all-or-nothing attitude. My time management skills are one of the first things to go when I get depressed.

- tracking my points again with Weight Watchers. Eating more real foods. Organic is not in the plans just yet, but we are inching towards less and less processed food in the house.

- getting enough SLEEP! This is an ongoing issue of mine.. I have to make it a priority for my physical and mental health.

- exercise, also for my physical AND mental health :)

- making time for more fun stuff, as a family and for myself. Some weeks, we are so busy that the only time we get together are meals (we have dinner at the table with no tv religiously). Even if it's just 30 minutes of reading together, or a quick board game after dinner. My son is growing up fast and I don't want to regret not spending more time doing something FUN with him when he actually wanted to do things as a family :)

My goal is to be happier with myself and my life, and these are just a few steps I can take to get there. My game plan, I suppose.

I'm not committing to posting a certain number of times weekly, just that I'm going to do better with that as well. Better is all I can guarantee with anything at this point :)

Here's to not wasting 2012!