Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week 5 (we think?)

First, thank you SO MUCH everyone!!! Mr. D and I are beyond excited!!! We've been trying since last July, and finally decided to take a break from all of it at Christmas. I guess what they say is true.. as soon as you stop trying- bam!

Part of me is still in shock, but it's starting to feel real. We've already told all our family and friends, and they're all so excited! My mother screamed and cried, which was a lot more than I was expecting since Vanessa is due any day now! His mother was so happy, she said this just made her weekend! Everyone has been so excited!! Aside from my SIL and her fiance. My SIL said we're ruining her wedding and some very ugly things were posted to husband's facebook, but we aren't letting their negativity take away from our happiness right now. Mr. D tried calling his sister several times (I was really hoping this could be an opportunity for them to work things out), but they refuse to speak to us. Their loss, we're moving on and celebrating without them. I spent one evening writing 2 emails to them.. one venting, and one forgiving them and apologizing. I didn't send either, but it helped let all the yucky feelings go.

So.. we have an appointment 2/21 and will hopefully be hearing the heartbeat then!! Mr. D and the kid have been so sweet it's almost disgusting (I have some very wonderful guys!). We learned this week that decaf coffee (I haven't touched caffeine since we found out)  and olive oil are things I'll be avoiding, but I haven't felt too bad yet.

The only area I'm struggling with is food.. I have NO idea how much to eat! It says you should only increase calories by about 300, but I'm having trouble even getting to 2000 after keeping it around 1200-1500 for so long. It just feels like too much, so I'm snacking on walnuts and almonds to help boost it a bit. Suggestions? I'll be asking the doctor at our appointment but would love ideas until the appt.

Hope everyone has a great week!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Not sure how to say this..

Let's start with my intake just so far today..

Breakfast was a light English muffin, slice of turkey bacon, ff cheese, and egg.
Snack 1 was a banana.
Snack 2 was almonds.
Lunch was catfish and broccoli, and a "clementine" that wasn't a clementine at all but some other sickly sour impostor.
Snack 3 (now) is wheat thins, laughing cow wedge, and unsweetened almond milk.

Dude, that's a lot of snacking, huh? And I can't even blame PMS anymore.

Mostly because it's NOT that. Those pesky symptoms I've been having all week? Yeah, not PMS at all.

Apparently, I'm PREGNANT. Holy crap guys, I'm pregnant!!!!

And OBVIOUSLY, I suck at secrets. My coworkers know, my BFFs know, y'all know.. our parents will find out this weekend :)

You know that feeling you get at the top of the roller coaster- right before the drop? Excited yet a little bit terrified??? That's me today. And kind of in shock, because we quit trying in December. I blame the Sangria New Year's Eve ;)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Missed 2 days in a row, whoops! Mr. D spent the entire night on the phone with his mother Monday, so the kid and I played until bedtime and the adults argued about said phone call later. Not a fun Monday night. Just listening to the phone call was stressing me out (about SIL again) so I kept busy with the kid. Last night we all played a game together (Mr. D felt bad about the night before) and I tried a bee recipe out of my 100 Calorie section of the new cookbook BFF gave me- tasty!!

Since I'm already late for work, yesterday's eats were..

Breakfast- banana and strawberries
Lunch- leftover poppyseed chicken (my mammaw would be turning in her grave if she knew how much I cut out of her recipe!) and broccoli
Snack- reduced fat wheat thins with a laughing cow wedge
Dinner- macaroni scramble (boys complained about all the veggies in it and I wasn't too thrilled with the sauce)
Dessert- banana and chocolate chip bars

This week has been tough to stay out of the kitchen, thank you pms. I'm always munchier than usual before TOM shows.. It needs to just get on with it already!